Dedicated to the importance of mental health awareness.
Together, let's end the stigma.  

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For ways to support our Black community, Black Lives Matter has a link full of information, petitions, places to donate, educate, mental health resources and more.
Please do your part, and join us in helping. 

2021 Submissions!

Submissions are OPEN and EXTENDED!

Now is your chance to be a part of our 5 year anniversary Fundraising Gala. Submissions will be open to all performers, and staying open till November 20th 2020. Please stay home, and stay safe while creating content to submit. 

**With the COVID-19 pandemic currently happening, we have POSTPONED our event and we strive to keep a positive mindset and continue to move forward with our new date (March 2021). If and when things need to change again, we will do so and we as a team are committed to your health a safety. We are keeping our hopes high that by the time our event takes place, the world will be in a much healthier place.**


Now Closed

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Temi, Photography by Erica Cheah