Dedicated to the importance of mental health awareness.
Together, let's end the stigma.  

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Artwork/Logo by: En Tze (@en_tze)

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News & Events:

Join us for our online 5 year anniversary event on Saturday April 24th 2021.
This year, we won't be sharing a big stage all together but we will still be sharing what is most important: the hope, love, understanding and support that this event brings to all involved. Let The Elephants Dance is a stigma-free space for artists to share their stories and bring the audience on a beautiful journey with them through their performances.

For ways to support our Black community, Black Lives Matter has a link full of information, petitions, places to donate, educate, mental health resources and more.
Please do your part, and join us in helping. 
Our merchandise is exclusively available through The Apparel Network.
Every purchase equals a small donation to mental health organizations.

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Temi, Photography by Erica Cheah