Movement Heals

A new program focused on emotional exploration through dance and movement taking place in Toronto, ON.
Under the direction of Michelle Crossman, our producer and artistic director for Let The Elephants Dance. 

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The Program

Sometimes, asking for help or finding the words to describe what you are going through can be really difficult. Dance and movement however, are powerful tools when it comes to connecting with ourselves emotionally. Wordless and intuitively we can connect how we feel to how we move. Listening to our bodies, and our breath can teach us so much about ourselves.

Movement Heals is about providing a safe space for expression, healing, sharing, and exploration.

6-Week Sessions

This new program is ideal for any teen that struggles with their own insecurities, and mental wellness, or who just wants to explore emotions and dance on a deeper level. The group sizes will be limited to give as much time and detail to those participating as possible.


With weekly 2HR meetings (12HRS total), we will have various exercises that will be led as a group and individually (exercise depending). All participants will be asked to bring a notepad and pen in order to write out and keep track of how each day has gone for them. Sometimes, even prompts will be given. These notepads are personal and no participant will ever be asked to share what they write with the instructor or the group.

Early Bird Pricing: $200.00 
(available until Oct. 21st 2022)

Regular Pricing: $275.00


Dates: November 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, December 4th & 11th

Location: Cre8 Dance Studio, Toronto


1-on-1 Sessions

These sessions will be personally tailored to those who register to make sure all involved get the most out of it. We will start with 1 hour long zoom session (included for free) to set our goals and after goal setting is complete, all other sessions will take place in a dance studio.

1 on 1 sessions can be purchased in packages of 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 6 weeks depending on your goals and schedule.

The availability of these sessions is currently ongoing, and will continue into 2023.


The total cost varies from $125.00 - $425.00

Payment plans are available for 4 week  and 6 week sessions.

Who can register?
Teens ages 14-19, as well as adults 20+.
Programs differ slightly for teens and adults.


Exact location TBD on availability

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you need to have a background in dance to participate?

No. You only need the willingness to try and be ready to move.

Will we be learning choreography?

Yes, if that is a part of our set goals. Focusing on free-movement is also an option.


What else will we do?

Yoga, writing prompt exercises, breathing exercises, warm ups, cool downs, mirroring exercises, free movement and more.

An important note:
This does not replace therapy and our instructor is not a therapist. The instructor is a mental health advocate with years of passion and research around mental health, a dance instructor for many years, and is mental health first aid certified by The Mental Health Commission of Canada. Appropriate resources will be given to all participants as well, in case they or anyone they know is in need of them.


Please email to register