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Meet The Team..


Below is a video from her very first solo created for this event, "Chasing Cars" performed in March 2016 at Dancemakers.




Michelle is the creator, artistic director and ongoing producer of Let The Elephants Dance, an event that was inspired by her cousin Laura who took her own life in 2015. Mental health awareness has been an important topic of focus in Michelle's life for a many years and has always been an issue close to her heart. When the unimaginable happened, she knew she had to create something that could help make a difference. The goal is to inspire others to keep fighting, to have the uncomfortable conversations, and share important stories that truly deserve to be heard.

She is a many-faceted artist as an actor, dancer, choreographer, writer, host, producer and director from Toronto. She passionately believes that telling stories, no matter what the medium, is the universal love language of all humans. Being able to be a part of that, and make an impact, is incredibly important to her. 


Michelle is constantly ready to learn more and be inspired by those around her. She quickly learns by observing those with more experience, asking the tough questions and diving into research and reading whenever she can.

If you want to join Michelle on this journey to help end the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and suicide, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out ways to be involved.

Michelle is also available for guest speaking at events, conferences and more.


Special thank you to all of our volunteers, supporters , and venue for the last 4 years: The Glenn Gould Studio 

Kiriana is the current Stage Manager of Let The Elephants Dance, as well as choreographer, performer, and occasional video editor. They have been a part of our team since 2019.

As an Actor, Fighter, and Movement Performer, primarily appearing in film/television and occasionally theatre, Kiriana focuses on telling stories through a strong sense of physicality and grounded emotion. 

Kiriana has also spent a lot of time researching and writing about underrepresented communities within the mental illness umbrella. They are working hard to fight the damaging stigmas that are found in so much of the media, tv and film.

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Past Choreographers,

The following have contributed their choreography, music, or poetry to one or more of our events:
Dark Dance's: Alison Bradley & Linnen Doung, Alexia Monardo, Jan Valiquette, Emilio Colalillo, Amy Lintunen, Genevieve Fullerton, Andrea Godin, Bo Lam, Jessica Ford, Tinesha Wilson, Trishya Perera, Alyson Miller, Tyler Angel, Derick Robinson, Vicki Fletcher, Raelynn Chase, Jade Whitney, Christina Digiuseppe, Jasmyn Fyffe, Lianne Tammi, Chris Gallina, Mike Gallant, Caddy Superville, Arrival Music Group's: Temi and Schyler London, Tariq Chin, Leah Cameron, Sharlan Cuffy, Adam Martino, Shavar Blackwood, Hillary McCarrel,  Run The Flex's: Nicole Rosove & Aaron Aquino,  Marko Dacosta, Natalie Chung, Erin Jacobson, Ashlyn Kuy, The Dance Ability Movement, Alayna Kellet, Kaitlin Kawam, Christopher Knowles, Teniya Brooks, Kahvontah Slaughter, Brelene Laskoski, Matthew Morales, Jordan Sterling, Jessica Mannara, Indiana Mehta, Sarah Hoekstra, Kyra Mastro, Johnny Tran, Giulia Guadagni, Kiriana Stanton, Giulia Tripoli, Sydney Keir, Malcolm Messado, Sam Black, Dean Louizos, Mohogany Brown, Bianca Melchior,  Tyler Tsang, and Melxdie


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