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The Grief of Change

Change is inevitable. This is something we all know, and feel deep to our core. It is our only constant, the one part of life we know we can count on to happen over and over. Aside from us all knowing this, and experiencing change on a regular basis, how do we grieve what has been lost? How do we so quickly let go of what was to move forward with the world around us? With the world spinning so fast and time never taking a moment to pause so we can catch up with all the change, loss, grief, and love... what do we do? Have you ever stopped to wonder? I know I have. For the longest time, and I mean most of my life, I was racing through it all. Keeping myself so overbooked and over scheduled that everything in life I witnessed, felt, and participated in barely ever felt real. I never stoped to breathe, or grieve. Knots in my muscles, headaches, stomach aches, and memory loss are some of the few symptoms that racing through life brought to me. The stress of never letting myself truly feel it all, and understand it, and process it all left my mind and body scarred in ways I never saw coming. Eventually, as it usually does... this all caught up to me and I was left to face it all. Slowing down was not in my nature, but all of a sudden it was all I could do to let my body, mind, heart, and soul actually take a little time to heal.

Change is inevitable. Which means, it isn't ever going to go away even if we try to ignore it, run away, or hide. Change will happen, and it isn't always scary - sometimes it is exactly what we had hoped for. But, even in the moments of beautiful, and happy change we still need to grieve what is no longer there. Whether this be a friend you no longer speak with, giving away all your favourite childhood toys, starting a new job, or dating someone new - it is all worthy of grief. Every human needs to grieve the change that life brings, and there is no one particular way to do it. The biggest thing, is just letting yourself feel. Connect with those around you, feel as much as you can, and remember to take pause - to rest.

Grief takes time, energy, and softness. No matter how big or small.

Written by Michelle Crossman

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