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Dedicated to the importance of mental health awareness.
Together, let's end the stigma.  

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Want to contribute to Let The Elephants Dance?

2020 Submissions!

Coming April 2020!

Watch out for your chance to be a part of our 5 year anniversary Fundraising Gala. Submissions will be opening soon to all performers, and staying open till July 10th 2020. 

**With the COVID-19 pandemic currently happening, we strive to keep a positive mindset and continue to move forward in our event planning. If and when things need to change, we will do so and we as a team are committed to our health a safety. We are keeping our hopes high that by the time our event takes place, the world will be in a much healthier place.**


HOLR Magazine Review:

We had the pleasure of HOLR Magazine coming out to the show. Click the photo below to read the full review online!

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